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The Ethels Arrive!!!

I have to say: Our garden is made up of DOERS.   One Saturday morning, as we sat around the garden drinking coffee, preparing to work, someone (Angela?) brought up chickens.  That day, Lee and Dylan started building the coop.  A week later, we had 10 Bovan Browns!!!  All accomplished in the span of a single week!

Here’s the information , our Chicken Queen:

Great news chicken lovers! I have attained chickens…basically.
I have made contact with a man in Socorro who apparently owns one of the largest organic chicken farms in the the U.S.  We will be purchasing 10 Bovan Browns from him.  These are great layers, and are known for there great temperament.  You could add more chickens in with them some day, and you shouldn’t have too many problems.
These pullets are around 5-6 months old and are laying.  He has been feeding them his own crushed oats, and not medicating them.
These chickens will cost $12 each, which I have discovered is quite a good deal…  If I go on Saturday to get them, I will need to borrow a couple large dog crates.  Anyone have one?

Soon after, the chickens arrived!  We decided to name them all “Ethel.”  Here’s some pictures.

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And here’s a video!  Honestly, not the most exciting video, but there they are!


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